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General Documentation
Last Updated: 3rd March, 2006, 14:51 GMT



A number of general documents are available to explain how to set JOGRE up and also help on development.


This page explains which is involved in the installation of JOGRE. Depending on what you wish to use JOGRE for, this can be as simple as unzipping a file or as hard as integerating JOGRE into a web system.

JOGRE Communication Protocol

This document explains in detail the JOGRE communication protocol. All messages in JOGRE are either game messages or table messages. All messages are sent as XML and each of these are examined.

JOGRE Persistent Server Data

This document explains in detail how JOGRE stores its persistent data on the server. This data includes user information, user game summaries, game information and snapshots. The way this data is stored is stored either as XML, database or master server socket connection.

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