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Packages that use TableConnectionThread
org.jogre.client This package contains non-visual classes which only the client makes use of including the network connection, the game model and controller. 
org.jogre.client.awt This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games. 

Uses of TableConnectionThread in org.jogre.client

Fields in org.jogre.client declared as TableConnectionThread
protected  TableConnectionThread JogreController.conn
          Link to the client's connection thread.

Methods in org.jogre.client with parameters of type TableConnectionThread
 void JogreController.setConnection(TableConnectionThread conn)
          Set up a network connection for this controller.

Uses of TableConnectionThread in org.jogre.client.awt

Fields in org.jogre.client.awt declared as TableConnectionThread
protected  TableConnectionThread JogreTableFrame.conn
protected  TableConnectionThread JAvailableSeats.conn
          Link to the ClientConnectionThread (PlayerList is of interest).

Methods in org.jogre.client.awt with parameters of type TableConnectionThread
abstract  JogreTableFrame JogreClientFrame.getJogreTableFrame(TableConnectionThread conn)
          This must be overwritten to get a handle on the correct table frame.
 void ChatTableComponent.setConnection(TableConnectionThread conn)
          Set connection.

Constructors in org.jogre.client.awt with parameters of type TableConnectionThread
JTablePlayers(TableConnectionThread conn, int tableNum)
          Constructor which takes connection to the server and table number.
JogreTableFrame(TableConnectionThread conn)
          Constructor to a standard JogreGameFrame.
JAvailableSeats(TableConnectionThread conn, int tableNum)
          Default constructor which takes the username and the player list.