Uses of Interface

Packages that use ITransmittable
org.jogre.client This package contains non-visual classes which only the client makes use of including the network connection, the game model and controller. 
org.jogre.common This package contains classes which are common to both a client or a server. 
org.jogre.common.comm This package contains a number of communication objects (communication classes start with Comm) amd two Interface's which describe the protocol. 

Uses of ITransmittable in org.jogre.client

Methods in org.jogre.client with parameters of type ITransmittable
 void JogreController.sendObject(ITransmittable object)
          Send a more complex object (any object which implements the ITransmittable interface).

Uses of ITransmittable in org.jogre.common

Classes in org.jogre.common that implement ITransmittable
 class GameSnapshot
          Data structure showing a snapshot of a game.
 class JogreModel
          Abstract class which holds the state/model of a particular game when extended.
 class Player
          This class contains information about a player, which is a user who has joined a table and wishes to play a game.
 class PlayerList
          This class contains a list of Player object.s
 class Table
          Server side data object which holds information on various tables and their current users etc.
 class TableList
          Contains a HashMap of all the Table objects currently in play.
 class User
          Transmittable user data object.
 class UserList
          Transmittable user list data object.

Methods in org.jogre.common with parameters of type ITransmittable
protected  void AbstractConnectionThread.send(ITransmittable transObject)
          Send a ITransmittable object to the output stream (could be server or client).

Uses of ITransmittable in org.jogre.common.comm

Subinterfaces of ITransmittable in org.jogre.common.comm
 interface ITransmittableWithProps
          This interfaces denotates that the ITransmittable object contains a JogrePropertiesHash instance as a field.

Classes in org.jogre.common.comm that implement ITransmittable
 class CommBaseMessage
          This is a base message which all communication objects should extend except the GameList and its children data classes.
 class CommChatGame
          Communication class which is used to broadcast a chat message to all users at a particular game.
 class CommChatTable
          Chat communications object for chat at a table.
 class CommControllerObject
          Communication object which will send a XMLElement as a child from a client to server (or or vice versa).
 class CommControllerProperty
          Communication object to send a key/value property from a client to server or vice versa.
 class CommDisconnect
          Communication class which is used to disconnect a user from the system.
 class CommError
          Communications class which is used to send an error from the server to a client or vice-versa.
 class CommGameConnect
          Communciations connect object.
 class CommGameMessage
          This is a message class which goes to a particular game such as chess, checkers etc.
 class CommGameOver
          Communication object to show that a game is over.
 class CommInvite
          Communication class which is used to invite a user to a table.
 class CommMasterServerConnect
          Communication object for connecting to the master server.
 class CommMasterServerMessage
 class CommOfferDraw
          Communications object which is used when one user offers a draw to another user.
 class CommTableAction
          Communication class for performming table actions such as creating a new table, joining an existing table, standing up, being ready-to-start and exitting from a table.
 class CommTableMessage
          Abstract base class for table messages.