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News - 2007
Last Updated: 16th March 2007, 10:10 GMT

16th March 2007: Where are we now?


The first pass at the long awaited Jogre Administrator has finally been put into source control. The old Jogre Server GUI no longer exists (Jogre Server running as a graphical swing application) and has been replaced by the Jogre Administrator which is a client just like a game i.e. administrator must log onto a running Jogre Server with an admin username and password. The Jogre Administrator can also remotely view the current state of the JOGRE server i.e. games running, users etc. It can also remotely update the server configuration (server.xml file) in a graphical manner (see screenshot).


I would also like to deeply thank Richard who joined at the start of last year. In this time he has programmed an amazing 9 games (Abstrac, Camelot, Car Tricks, Chinese Checkers, Grand Prix Jumping, Hex, Ninety Nine, Octagons and Texas Hold'Em). It is felt the poker game will generate a lot of interest in Jogre and will be included in Beta 0.3.

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