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Last Updated: 22nd June, 2005, 13:12 GMT

JOGRE is over 4 years project and is now current in Beta 0.3. Like most object-oriented project we are developing in an incremental and iterative manner.

We have realistic short-term deliverables and also an idea of our long term vision and strategy.


JOGRE To-Do List (By Predicated Release)

Beta Release (0.4, ...)

Our current release 0.3 has an API, server, web application and 23 games. A number of suggested tasks for alpha releases include:

  • New Games

    The creation of new games using the JOGRE games engine is a important and necessary task if the JOGRE project is going to grow. We are looking for programmers to create new multiplayer games in a number of different categories such as:

    • Arcade Games: e.g. Bomber Man, Mini Golf, Pool, etc.
    • Board Games: e.g. Backgammon, Dominoes, etc.
    • Card Games: e.g. Blackjack, etc.
    • Word Games: e.g. Crosswords, Literati, etc.

    If you are a Java Programmer, anyone can contribute to JOGRE by creating a new game using the JOGRE API. To get started check out the Connect 4 tutorial.

    If the game is good/stable enough then it will become part of the JOGRE project and eventually hosted and played by users around the world.

  • Improve Existing Games

    The existing games are not perfect. For example Chess is still missing a few rules such as "en-passant", "repetition of moves", "50 moves rule" etc. Graphics can also be improved in a lot of games.

  • Binary communciation?

    At present all communications is done using Strings. Advantages of using String is that it is easy to program (especially debugging). However a big disadvantage is bandwidth that Strings take compared to binary data. Does anyone feel that using binary communication is justified?

  • Game Timer

    Chess for example would be a good for using a timer.

  • Testing

    Some JUnit test exist but we need many more. Also to have some test plans would be useful to test the playability of the system.

  • Language Translation

    The resource bundles for JOGRE are currently all in English. For JOGRE to be internationalised the following languages are required.
    Current Required








If you are a Java programmer, tester or language translatter and are interested in any these tasks then contact Bob Marks on

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Release 1.0

With Release 1.0 a highly stable web site should be place ( where users have the ability to register, log-on, browse through lots of games (50+) and pick one of their choice. They will then be able to play rated games with users from around the world easily and reliably in real time.

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