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Packages that use TransmissionException
org.jogre.client This package contains non-visual classes which only the client makes use of including the network connection, the game model and controller. 
org.jogre.comm This package contains a number of communication objects (communication classes start with Comm) amd two Interface's which describe the protocol. 
org.jogre.common This package contains classes which are common to both a client or a server. 
org.jogre.server This package contains server specific classes. 

Uses of TransmissionException in org.jogre.client

Methods in org.jogre.client that throw TransmissionException
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveConnect(String inString)
          Inform client about the connection.
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveInvite(String inString)
          Receive invite from the user.
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveGameOver(String inString)
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveUserList(String inString)
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveTableList(String inString)
          Receive table list from the server.
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveTable(String inString)
          Recieve a single table from the server.
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveMessageBroadcast(String inString)
          Receive message broad from the server.
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveMessagePrivate(String inString)
          Receive a private message.
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.receiveTableMessage(String inString)
          Receive table message.
protected  void ClientConnectionThread.recieveMessageBroadCastRoom(String inString)
          Recieve a message broadcast to room.

Uses of TransmissionException in org.jogre.comm

Constructors in org.jogre.comm that throw TransmissionException
CommError(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommError object from the flatten () method of another CommError object.
CommTableAction(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommTableAction object from the flatten () method of another CommTableAction object.
CommInvite(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommInvite object from the flatten () method of another CommInvite object.
CommOfferDraw(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommOfferDraw object from the flatten () method of another CommInvite object.
CommChatBroadcast(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommChatBroadcast object from the flatten () method of another CommChatBroadcast object.
CommGameOver(String inString)
          Constructor which reads the game over object from a String.
CommChatPrivate(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommChatPrivate object from the flatten () method of another CommChatPrivate object.
CommChatTable(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommChatRoom object from the flatten () method of another CommChatRoom object.
CommDisconnect(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommDisconnect object from the flatten () method of another CommDisconnect object.
CommConnect(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a CommConnect object from the flatten () method of another CommConnect object.

Uses of TransmissionException in org.jogre.common

Methods in org.jogre.common that throw TransmissionException
abstract  void AbstractConnectionThread.parse(String messageType, String inString)
          This abstract method must be overwritten by a child which extends this class.
 void JogreModel.setState(String inString)
          Set the state of the model (set values of the model equal to the values of this model by copying its values.

Constructors in org.jogre.common that throw TransmissionException
Player(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a Player object from the flatten () method of another Player object.
UserList(String inString)
          Constructor which reads a user list from a String.
Table(String inString)
          Create Table object from a String.
User(String inString)
          Constructor which creates a User object from the flatten () method of another User object.
TableList(String inString)
          Constructor which recreates a Table object using a String from the ITransmittable.flatten() method from another TableList object.
PlayerList(String inString)

Uses of TransmissionException in org.jogre.server

Methods in org.jogre.server that throw TransmissionException
 void ServerConnectionThread.parse(String messageType, String inString)
          Implementation of the parse method.