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Packages that use ServerConnectionThread
org.jogre.server This package contains server specific classes. 

Uses of ServerConnectionThread in org.jogre.server

Fields in org.jogre.server declared as ServerConnectionThread
protected  ServerConnectionThread JogreServer.serverConn
          Server thread which listens to requests from a client.

Methods in org.jogre.server that return ServerConnectionThread
abstract  ServerConnectionThread JogreServer.connect(Socket connection, JogreServer server)
          Abstract method which dynamically loads the correct implementation of this ServerConnectionThread e.g.
 ServerConnectionThread Connection.getServerConnectionThread()
 ServerConnectionThread ConnectionList.getServerConnectionThread(String username)
          Return a serverconnection thread for a specified user (which is a field of the Connection object).

Methods in org.jogre.server with parameters of type ServerConnectionThread
 void ConnectionList.addConnection(String username, ServerConnectionThread connectionThread)
          Create a new Connection object using a ServerConnectionThread and add to the connections HashMap using the username as the key.

Constructors in org.jogre.server with parameters of type ServerConnectionThread
Connection(ServerConnectionThread connectionThread)
          Constructor which takes a ServerConnectionThread as a parameter.