Package org.jogre.client.awt

This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games.


Class Summary
AbstractBoardComponent This graphical component can be extended to create a number of graphical boards such as chess boards, etc.
ChatGameComponent Little message component which can be used in several ways.
ChatPrivateDialog This is used to send a private message between two users.
ChatTableComponent Component for a chat table component.
ConnectionDialog Connection dialog to enable a user to connect to a server.
ConnectionDialog.Details Small inner data structure to get access of the various fields of the dialog.
JAvailableSeats This class extends the Swing JComboBox and also stores the current player, and Strings that make up the string.
JogreButton A custom button ...
JogreClientFrame This abstract class declares the main game frame where a user can see users of the left, tables on the top right and a broadcasting style message chat box on the bottom right.
JogreComponent This class creates the view in the JOGRE MVC (model/view/controller) architecture.
JogreTableFrame The important JogreTableFrame which is where each game is played.
JTableList Visual list of all the tables currently being played.
JTablePlayers List which shows the players at a particular table.
JUserList Visual list of all the users logged on.

Package org.jogre.client.awt Description

This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games. The main classes are JogreClientFrame and JogreTableFrame which every game must extend.