Package org.jogre.client.awt

This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games.


Interface Summary
IJogreClientGUI Inteface between JOGRE application / applet and client panel.

Class Summary
AbstractBoardComponent This graphical component can be extended to create a number of graphical boards such as chess boards, etc.
ChatGameComponent Little message component which can be used in several ways.
ChatPrivateDialog This is used to send a private message between two users.
ChatTableComponent Component for a chat table component.
ColouredSquare Small coloured square class which is used extensively in JOGRE to denote table visiblity, player rating, etc.
ConnectionPanel New connection panel which replaces the old ConnectionDialog class.
GameImages Contains a list of images for a particular game.
JAvailableSeats Alternative component to JAvailableSeats.
JogreAwt Convience class which holds a number of static constants such as fonts etc.
JogreButton A custom ogre button which responds to mouse overs.
JogreClientApplet Abstract JOGRE applet class.
JogreClientFrame This abstract class declares the main game frame where a user can see users of the left, tables on the top right and a broadcasting style message chat box on the bottom right.
JogreClientPanel Jogre panel which exists in can be put within an applet frame or a application frame.
JogreComponent This class creates the view in the JOGRE MVC (model/view/controller) architecture.
JogreDialog Jogre dialog with extends a JDialog.
JogreInviteDialog Jogre invite dialog.
JogreLabel Simple extension of a label - this one
JogrePanel Jogre transparenty panel.
JogrePropertyDialog Generic properties dialog that contains some public hooks for future development of custom game properties.
JogreRadioButton JOGRE radio button which is transparent.
JogreScrollBar Custom JOGRE Scroll bar which overrides the standard
JogreScrollPane Custom scroll pane which currently only supports vertical scrollbars.
JogreTableFrame The important JogreTableFrame which is where each game is played.
JRulesDialog Panel which displays rules.
JTableList Visual list of all the tables currently being played.
JTablePlayers List which shows the players at a particular table.
JTreeXMLElement An element used for displaying XML entries in a JTree
JUserInfoDialog Panel which displays user information such as games played, games won, lost, drawn and streak.
JUserList Visual list of all the users logged on.
RatingsPanel Ratings panel which contains.
RatingSquare Declare a constructor for a rating square which can take a rating.
SwingWorker This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread.
UserLabel Small class which shows a rating square beside a players name.

Package org.jogre.client.awt Description

This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games. The main classes are JogreClientFrame and JogreTableFrame which every game must extend.