Uses of Class

Packages that use ClientConnectionThread
org.jogre.client This package contains non-visual classes which only the client makes use of including the network connection, the game model and controller. 
org.jogre.client.awt This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games. 

Uses of ClientConnectionThread in org.jogre.client

Methods in org.jogre.client that return ClientConnectionThread
 ClientConnectionThread TableConnectionThread.getClientConnectionThread()
          Return the client connection thread which is a field.

Constructors in org.jogre.client with parameters of type ClientConnectionThread
TableConnectionThread(ClientConnectionThread conn, int tableNum)
          Constructor which takes a ClientConnectionThread and a table number.

Uses of ClientConnectionThread in org.jogre.client.awt

Methods in org.jogre.client.awt with parameters of type ClientConnectionThread
 void JUserList.setConnection(ClientConnectionThread conn)
          Sets the constructor to the JUserList.
 void JTableList.setConnection(ClientConnectionThread conn)
          Set the connection.
 void ChatGameComponent.setConnection(ClientConnectionThread conn)
          Set the connection of this message component using a Socket and also the username of the person who is sending messages from this component.

Constructors in org.jogre.client.awt with parameters of type ClientConnectionThread
ChatPrivateDialog(JFrame owner, String usernameTo, ClientConnectionThread conn)
          Default constructor for a private message dialog.