Uses of Interface

Packages that use IClient
org.jogre.client This package contains non-visual classes which only the client makes use of including the network connection, the game model and controller. 
org.jogre.client.awt This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games. 

Uses of IClient in org.jogre.client

Fields in org.jogre.client declared as IClient
protected  IClient ClientConnectionThread.clientInterface
          Interface betweem this thread and the Frame

Constructors in org.jogre.client with parameters of type IClient
ClientConnectionThread(Socket connection, String username, IClient clientInterface)
          Default constructor which takes a Socket connection to the server, a username and an IClient which sits between this class and the GUI.

Uses of IClient in org.jogre.client.awt

Classes in org.jogre.client.awt that implement IClient
 class JogreClientFrame
          This abstract class declares the main game frame where a user can see users of the left, tables on the top right and a broadcasting style message chat box on the bottom right.