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Packages that use JogrePanel
org.jogre.client.awt This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games. 

Uses of JogrePanel in org.jogre.client.awt

Subclasses of JogrePanel in org.jogre.client.awt
 class ChatGameComponent
          Little message component which can be used in several ways.
 class ChatTableComponent
          Component for a chat table component.
 class ConnectionPanel
          New connection panel which replaces the old ConnectionDialog class.
 class RatingSquare
          Declare a constructor for a rating square which can take a rating.
 class UserLabel
          Small class which shows a rating square beside a players name.

Methods in org.jogre.client.awt with parameters of type JogrePanel
 void JogreTableFrame.setGamePanel(JogrePanel gamePanel)
          Set the empty panel in the screen equal to the game panel.