Uses of Class

Packages that use Player
org.jogre.client.awt This package contains visual classes which aid the creation of games. 
org.jogre.common This package contains classes which are common to both a client or a server. 

Uses of Player in org.jogre.client.awt

Fields in org.jogre.client.awt declared as Player
protected  Player JogreTableFrame.player

Constructors in org.jogre.client.awt with parameters of type Player
JAvailableSeats(Player player, PlayerList players, Table table)
          Constructor which takes a username and a players object.

Uses of Player in org.jogre.common

Methods in org.jogre.common that return Player
 Player PlayerList.getPlayer(String playerName)
          Return a player.
 Player PlayerList.getPlayer(int seatNum)
          Return a player from a seat number.
 Player PlayerList.getCurrentPlayer()
          Return the currrent layer at a turned based table.

Methods in org.jogre.common with parameters of type Player
 void Table.nextPlayer(Player player)
          Sets the next player.
 void PlayerList.nextPlayer(Player player)
          Sets the next player